Monday, April 14, 2014

Baja 3 - We have arrived!

Once the government officials had determined that two rickety old farts on motorcycles, coming off of an all night ferry ride, dazed and baggy-eyed, might not be the drug king pins they were looking for, they finally let us proceed.  We headed off toward downtown Guaymas.  As we rode around, we realised that it is very much a working town without much support for tourists. 

All of the other travellers that we had talked to that we're heading this way, were destined for San Carlos, just a few kilometres outside of Guaymas.  Guess what!  Yep, we headed there. 

A startling contrast to Guaymas.  Completely geared toward the tourist and time-share community.  Beautiful beaches, hotels, shops and naturally, bars and restaurants.  Bay's full of boats and several exist around the area.  Very nice place. 

This whole area is located due south of Nogales and Tucson Arizona.  The majority come from that area. 

In our recent study's, Peter and I have determined that Pelicans are the modern day Pterodactyl. Just thought you would want to know…

We did visit the perla's farm at the university just outside of Guaymas.  With the help of students, they have re-established what was the original and worlds first pearl farm.  A rather tedious and interesting process to seed oysters depending upon type and results desired.  The calm bays and crystal clear waters here are perfect for the process. 

We have cruised as many streets, avenues and roads within the area as we could find.  Our research is paramount to uncovering the inner workings of these metropolis's.  Not an easy job.  It might be evident too, that cerveza e tequila are miracle drugs… 

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