Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Baja 3 - Research

Last night, as Peter and I were unloading our bikes at the room we had just acquired, a couple of guys in a room just down from us say hello (hola) and start chatting about bikes and such.  Manuel used to have a bike and Erbey currently has two bikes.  They are working at a mining operation about an hours drive away.

Peter and I had planned on going to town and grab some dinner and maybe a couple of cocktails that evening.  Our room is a little distance from the Malecon in downtown.  We didn't want to ride and drink, so we thought we would catch a cab.  Sounds easy.  Thomas, the desk clerk at the hotel is only on his 3rd day and doesn't have, and can't find the answer to: "can you call a cab for us?"  Even an internet search doesn't turn up a listing for cabs so it sure isn't Thomas's fault…  We mention this to Erbey, just in conversation, and he says they too are heading into town in their car and they would be happy to give us a ride. Great guys!

Erbey even shows at our room with a couple of beers for us when they're ready to go. 

A few minutes later we are pulling into a town just teaming with people on the Malecon.  Music is playing, people are dancing. It's a party!   

Easter, we find out, coincides with the Mexican Spring Break. Thousands of families head to the beach for a couple of weeks of fun and relaxation.  There are about 10 brass bands all clad in their uniforms, from all over Mexico, along the Malecon.  

They are competing against one another to be recognised as the best.  People are dancing to the music and having a great time!

We remained with Erbey and Manuel in the thick of all of the action, for the remainder of the evening and are probably responsible for keeping them up way too late.  They had to be on the road by 6:00 AM to be to work by 7:00.  A very nice time made possible by a couple of very generous people. 

Since we pulled into Puerto Penasco late in the day, we thought we stay an additional day to give us a chance to look around.  And that we did.  After breakfast at a little place along the Malecon, we set out to see as much as we could. 

Puerto Penasco is broken up into a couple of different areas (probably more). We are staying in, and the Malecon is located in Rocky Point.  On the other side of the bay is Sandy Beach.  Sandy Beach has a long strip of Condos, RV Parks and Camping areas whereas Rocky Point has some hotels, shops, bars and restaurants-a-plenty. 

Our exploring took us to some of the model condos available. Beautiful and appropriately priced. We did see some houses as well. Some priced reasonably. Every thing we saw had exquisite views. 

Exhaustive work, this exploring… We're calling it an early night as we'll be riding back to the U. S. tomorrow heading for home.  

Fun trip.  Great time and we have been warned;  "be careful in the US, it's dangerous up there…". 

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