Saturday, April 19, 2014

Baja 3 - Seat Time

We left our room today not knowing where we'd end up.  

We were fairly close to Kingman Arizona.  That's where they are supposed to stockpile a lot of airplanes.  We thought it'd be worth a look as long as we were in the area.  

Off the highway, we head toward the airport.  There are a large number off planes sitting around but not nearly as massive as we had envisioned.  After a tour of the small little WWII museum, listening to an old duffer telling us all sorts of interesting facts (and gripes), off we go. 

We head up Highway 95 looking for a town a reasonable distance away.  At first Goldfield, Nevada looks like a likely candidate.  However, by the time we arrive we feel the next town up puts us just that much closer.  Tonopah, Nevada it is. 

We checked in at the local casino/hotel and grabbed a room.  In the bar (who woulda thought), we meet an interesting character; Hugh.  It seems he is a palaeontologist and a geologist.   He has lots of interesting stories.  Things like Goldfield, up until the 1920's, was the largest city in Nevada.  Throughout the course of the evening it is less clear that Hugh is the authority he says he is, but he's good company anyway.  The three of us all dined together and the chit-chat continued.  

After dinner Peter and I stopped again at the bar, for a nightcap.  Just as we were about to head back to the room, (no, really. We were going to stand up.) another drink is set in front of us.  A lucky old boy named Tony, sitting at the far end of the bar, had just got a Royal Flush on the video poker machine (could have been up to about $4000).  He buys the entire bar a round.  Thanks Tony!

We finally get to call it a night; go over to thank Tony (who has just won another $147) and head to the room.   BTW, their wifi was not working so I couldn't post the blog yesterday. 


New day.  Up early enough, we get ready, pack up and hit the road. 

Nothing exciting thus far.  A little chilly.  It was a beautiful cruise until 11:00 AM sharp.  At that moment, someone switched on the wind and it beat us to a frazzle for the rest of the ride.  We're trying to cruise 70-75 and the wind is coming at us from the side at about 35 mph.  It's gusting too and the wing hits differently depending on how the hill and valleys are cut.  Tiring ride but I guess that's part of what makes those beers at the end of the ride, taste so darned good…

We were heading to Susanville but arrived too early in the day to call it quits.  It was only another 100 miles to Alturas so we brave the winds for another stint. 

We hole up in an older hotel in town.  The Hotel Niles is 106 years old.  Everything is here.  Rooms, dining hall, dance hall (line dancing starts at 9:00, they have a DJ and everything!) and a cafe.

We're both pretty shot do it'll probably be an early night. 

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