Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Baja 3 - Norte

Woke up a little foggy today.  Of course, it was all in my head…  Some coffee and a bite to eat and we get ready to ride. 

Today we head north (Norte) to Puerto Penasco.  A 350 mile ride to a pretty tourist and fishing town.  It is located on the other side of the Mar de Cortez from San Felipe.  It seems to be the town that San Felipe should be. 

The security checkpoints are a little more intense along the mainland.  At one point we road past at least 3 miles of semi-trucks waiting to be inspected. Once we reached the checkpoint, we had to remove all of our bags and have them X-rayed.  I've never felt more safe in my whole life…

We rode into town hot and thirsty.  First stop, simply out of necessity, was for a much needed cerveza.  A room was acquired next and now back to town for some dinner.  We're going to stick around tomorrow and explore the area in greater detail. 

More, as the story unfolds…

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