Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Baja 3. Our journey begins!

  This afternoon we flew from Birch Bay to Palm Springs.  We were greeted at the airport by Dorothy and Rebecca, who along with Art, were at their place in La Quinta.  It was lovely to see them and extremely nice of them to pick us up.  We stored our bikes at their place and found them safe and sound upon our arrival. 

Peter and I had made appointments to get our bikes serviced at the local dealer before we head to the Mexican desert.  We figured that we would try to give us the best chance possible of completing our intended journey. 

The local dealer happens to be in Riverside, California, some 75 miles from where we were.  After a short visit with Art, Dorothy and Rebecca, we set off to find a room closer to tomorrow's appointments. 

Traveling California's freeways are always a high speed carnival thrill ride.  Riding after the sun goes down, behind a tinted visor enhances the experience.  Mix that with Semi's traveling 65+ and car going "fast and furious" and you start to feel like a ball in a pinball game.   

We made to Riverside, found the dealer for tomorrow, found a room and a beer so we're good for the night. 

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