Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Baja 3 - Evergreen

We had an early night, last night. Didn't even stay up for the line dancing.  The plus side; there is nothing to be embarrassed about.  Thus, today was an early morning.  

Good thing too, we had miles to see.  Our goal was to make it to the Tri-Cities in Washington.  Almost 450 miles. One more day and we're home.  We decided to stay on the east side of the cascades as the weather reports on the "wet-side" of the Cascades looked to be exactly that; wet. 

We caught Highway 395 back in Nevada.  We have been riding that road ever since.  Glad we did.  It crosses an ever changing terrain, through lots of charming small towns, each of which would be worth exploration on their own.  

Small town people are 2nd to none.  You'll never meet a more friendly and open people, anywhere.  You can talk to anyone like you have been friends forever and everyone seems to have a genuine interest in you.  I like that. A lot. 

The GPS, being up to its usual hijinks, was unclear in its final destination as programmed.  We had targeted Kennewick as an original end point for today's travels but found ourselves at a bar/restaurant in Pasco.  Not a bad thing. 

As we were quenching our thirsts, we struck up a conversation with a guy having a beer next to us.  Harry. 

Harry was lucky enough to have some free time as his wife and mother-in-law were out shopping. Dude!  It was Easter!

We got to talking to Harry about our trip.  It seems it is something he, and his wife have always wanted to do.  He seemed surprised (maybe a hint of envy) to meet people that people actually have done the things he dreams of.  He wants to head north (don't tell anyone, but that's in our non-specific plans too).  We were talking about the issues associated with biking in the far north but he does seem determined. 

Well, somehow his signals got crossed and he had missed his Easter dinner.  We extended our condolences and set off to find a room. 

Walking distance from the bar were suitable accommodations.  Dropped our stuff off, cleaned up a bit and headed back to the restaurant for some dinner. 

We walk in and assume the same seats we had previously occupied.  Low and behold, Harry is still there but sitting with a lovely lady.  It turns out to be his wife, Michelle.  

An absolutely delightful person.  She listens to the stories of our adventures, mixed with her husbands enthusiasm for similar adventures.  It'd sure be nice to see them on the trail some day…

We closed the bar, but considering it was Easter, and Sunday, it was only 9:00. 


We grab the complimentary breakfast in the hotel lobby at around 8:00 AM.  Shortly after we are all loaded up and heading for home.  

An uneventful trip home.  Cold early on and through the pass.  My fingers were blue and pretty well nonfunctional.  We wave and part company at my exit.  I head through Bothell to get home while Peter has another couple of hours to ride back to Surrey BC. 

It was only a two week trip but it seems like more.  This is the first time I can say that in a positive way.  Usually it means you were bored.  In this case, I think it means it was a very full two weeks.  We learned a few things, took an ultralight ride, had some interesting experiences, saw some of the worlds most beautiful scenery and overall had another fabulous time in Mexico.  

Time to go clean about 3000 miles of bugs and dirt off of my bike…

The End

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