Thursday, April 10, 2014

Baja 3. - Altitude

We stuck around San Felipe for another day of fun and adventure.   We might have to get our own place down here. Every time we visit, we find more reasons to stay. 

So far a very relaxing day in San Felipe.  Up early enough and on the street by 8:00 AM.  We walked down the Malecon and found a nice breakfast at one of the local beachfront establishments.  

There is lots of the "greater San Felipe metropolitan" area that we hadn't explored thus far.  Still pretty cool out so we hop on the bikes and have a look around. 

As is much of this area, we found a mix of nice houses and more "improvised" housing.  Well worth seeing. 

It was nearing 11:00 AM and we had been invited back to Pete's Camp to investigate a couple of things and see if we could set up the afternoon's entertainment. 

The people that we came to see were out when we arrived so we might we well hang around at the bar for a bit. 

We had met some of the locals the previous day and were greeted today as "good old friends".  Good stuff!

Our Baja racer friend, Mickey, shows up and he remains as helpful as ever. 

One of the people we met yesterday is Rafael.  Rafael happens to have an ultralight and gives tour flights.  That sound like fun and something we had to do! 

Mickey was nice enough to help hook us up with Rafael.  Before we knew it Rafael had landed his rig on the beach in front of us.  What's a couple of gringos to do but hop on and go for flight. 

Both Peter and I thought flying in an ultralight would be a "butt puckering" experience.  Quite the opposite!  It was a terrific flight and you felt safe and secure the entire time.  The view was great, as one might expect and the flight was over far too soon.  I wouldn't necessary want to travel huge distances in an ultralight but for an hour or two on a nice day, heck yea!

Off to grab some dinner and we'll have to wait to see what happens tomorrow.  We have several options…

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