Friday, April 11, 2014

Baja 3 - South

What a day!   

Up, cleaned and fed, we set out on the bikes.  

Peter had spotted a possible project car a couple of days ago and we had learned that someone may be there today that we could talk to about the car.  Back to Pete's Camp we go.  

After all the information is exchanged, we set out for parts South.  The first stop is Puertecitos.

It looked a little more rough than we expected.  We kept on going.  The next stop was San Luis Gonzaga, about 97 miles south of San Felipe.  

It's hot out. A little over 100 in some places. When we stop at Gonzaga, Peter decides to hop in the Sea of Cortez and cool off a bit.

Looked inviting but I got stuck talking to a souvenir vendor  instead. 

All good pavement up until this point but we see that end and the dirt road start, just up ahead.  

The road leads to Chapala, about 40 miles away, where we will find Hiway 1, the main north-south road in Baja (paved). 

We had no idea that traveling this road would be so tough!  It is made up of some dirt, but with lots of rocks of all sizes, gravel both compacted and loose and sand at the most inopportune times.  

The sand is almost impossible to get through as the front wheel just plows in the direction of its own choosing while the rest of the bike tries to throw you off.  We do manage to stay upright the whole way but it was no easy task.  In places, you start to think: "hey, I think I'm getting this".  So, you start to speed up from 19 mph to about 21 mph. Just then, you hit that patch of sand that wants to throw you every which way and you slow down and/or stop right quick!  

There sure is some stunning scenery however. 

We did stop for a beer at the world famous "Coco's Corner".  

This is about 12 miles from the hiway and is run by a guy named Coco.  It is just him and his cat and some local coyotes at night.  His place is a collection of everything imaginable from undergarments to wrecked auto parts.  

BTW, Coco doesn't have any legs but skoots around on what's left.  Nice old guy…

Once we find pavement again, we head toward Guerrero Negro.  We had thought about Bahia de Los Angeles but that's about 40 miles in and we would have to come back out the next day. 

A quick bite to eat, a couple of beers and we're calling it a night. 

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